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Fortitude Valle, QLD


The Kwill Way

“The Kwill Way; where integrity and trust form the bedrock of our values. We believe in placing our team and clients above all else, delivering tasks with precision and punctuality, and responding promptly to every request. Adding value is our commitment. We are always seeking out innovative solutions, improving existing processes, and envision opportunities with a focus on employment opportunities, sustainability and community participation.”

William Horan

Meet Our Team

William Horan
Kate McKee
Operations Coordinator
Scott Dekker
General Manager
Kayla Smethurst
Karlie Hitches
Contract Manager
Aidan Brindley
Project Manager
John Gettings
Project Engineer
Matthew Turner-Williams
Site Manager
Beau Williams
Site Manager
Patrick Ng
Jarryd Shannon
Rex Lin
Phil Bowyer
Project Manager & Tendering
Ryan Powell
Project Manager
Andrew Bonfield
Fabrication Manager
Jake Smethurst
Senior Fabricator
Michael Ball
Senior Fabricator
Brendan Witnish
Senior Fabricator

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Our ImPact

Social Responsibility, Procurement & Community

Through Social Responsibility Kwill provides a multitude of workplace opportunities via upskilling our workforce, offering diverse apprenticeships, directly employing Indigenous workers, employing workers with a disability, and providing employment to females in construction. Through Sustainable Sourcing, Kwill exceeds local content requirements and collaborate with Supply Nation Certified Companies, Social Traders Certified Companies, and Registered Charities. Kwill proudly engages in the community via sponsorships in youth, sports, and community initiatives, making a lasting impact.