Melbourne, VIC

Fortitude Valle, QLD


Reporting Requirements

Entrust your projects to a team with a proven track record in meeting diverse reporting requirements. Our expertise extends across various domains, ensuring compliance and success.


Why Choose Us

We excel in compliance, prioritise safety, and uphold rigorous quality and environmental standards.
Quality Management

Each project has a customised Quality Management Plan and customised Inspection Test Plans.

Workplace Health & Safety

Our top priority is the health, safety, and security of our employees and customers. Customised WHS Management Plans ensure the utmost protection on every project.

Quality & Enviromental Management

Our comprehensive environmental management plan covers all projects, with reporting available for specific requirements.

Our ImPact

Social Responsibility, Procurement & Community

Through Social Responsibility Kwill provides a multitude of workplace opportunities via upskilling our workforce, offering diverse apprenticeships, directly employing Indigenous workers, employing workers with a disability, and providing employment to females in construction. Through Sustainable Sourcing, Kwill exceeds local content requirements and collaborate with Supply Nation Certified Companies, Social Traders Certified Companies, and Registered Charities. Kwill proudly engages in the community via sponsorships in youth, sports, and community initiatives, making a lasting impact.

Current Project

Kwill is currently engaged in the following construction and fabrication project.

Metro Tunnel

The Metro Tunnel project will deliver 9 kilometre twin tunnels under the CBD, and five new underground stations.